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  • Experience Points VerificationTo apply for the promotion qualification, the prediction experience points need to reach standard.
  • Identity Authentication Please verify your identity authentication to get your promotion qualification
  • Get QualificationGot Promotion Qualification
gained(EXP statistics data are updated every 24 hours)
standard 0 EXP
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Each 1 EXP need to predict
Promotion Rules

1How to be a promotor?

1. Only for users who have registered accounts

2. If the accumulative total paid amount of the registered account meets the requirements of the Experience Points, you are qualified as a promoter (the Experience Points data for previous day will be updated every day);

3. After completing the identity authentication, relevant rules and benefits of promoters shall be applied.

2How to promote

1. The promoter will send the promotion code or refer link to users

2. Users must register a new account via the provided links/code by the promoter.

3How to get the rebate:

1. Promoters can get rebate through the monthly accumulative total paid amount of the invited users, which is accumulated separately in each kind of token;

2. More paid amount and more rebate. To see the rebate ratio corresponding to different amounts check Rebate Ratio for Different Tokens

3. On the 4rd day of each month, the system will issue the rebate amount of last month to the account of promoters, but if the creating date of the account is later than 20th of the month , the rebate amount will be uniformly accumulated to next month.

4. Promoters can check the paid amount and rebate details of invited users in the Promotion Area -> Promotion Rebate;

4Other Terms & Conditions

1. Some online products will not participate in the accumulation of total paid amount, and users can check products which supports promotion rebate through Current Support Promotion Rebate Products Column title

2. If there is no paid record of invited users for 3 consecutive months, or the paid amount of the invited users in 6 consecutive months is less than the minimum amount of returnable paid amount Coingame has the right to revoke the promotion qualification (except the creating account month);

3. Promoters shall have the obligation to inform the promoted users that they shall not take advantage of system vulnerabilities or risk-free orders such as 'all-inclusive' to seek improper interests. Coingame reserves the right to revoke qualification, asset traceability and legal proceedings for the promoters and their users who make improper profits;

4. In case of major changes, the authorities will keep the users informed. Coingame reserves the right to suspend, modify or terminate the Event and or any of these terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice.

Current Support Promotion Rebate Products Column title
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