Service Agreement
1. This service agreement is applicable to membership service provided by the website:, mobile site and/or mobile application owned, operated or hosted by the same company. (collectively the 'Site'). Please kindly read carefully this Agreement stated hereunder. By clicking the 'register' button or using services on the Site, you are deemed to accept and abide by any and all terms of this Agreement.
2. This Agreement and other rules, terms, statements or agreements provided or posted on the Site constitute the Entire Agreement between the users and the Site. Any matter not covered in this Agreement shall be implemented according to relevant regulations or definitions under the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy posted on the Site, including but not limited to the right to amend the content of the Site, amend or terminate the services provided by the Site at any time, at its sole and absolute discretion. If you are not willing to be subject to any terms of the Entire Agreement (including Privacy Policy),we advise you not to browse or use the Site.
3. Users are not obliged to register as member of the Site. Where the use of membership services provided by the Site is at your discretion, you are thereby bound to create an account with the Site for the access to the membership service. As part of the registration process, you will have to choose a username and password for your login into the Site. You will have to choose a username which is not disruptive or offensive.
4. It is highly recommended that you take the following protective measures in establishing your member account; otherwise, you may not be able to access and/or control your account: (a)Create a strong password and do not use such password on any other website or for any online service; (b)Provide true and accurate information; (c)Maintain and promptly update your information; (d)Guarantee the security of your account by safeguarding your account password and use password to access your computer and account; (e)At any time when you detect or suspect any security defect relating to your account, keep the Site apprised of such defect in a timely manner.
5. If there are any errors regarding your account, the Site reserves the right to invalidate misplaced predictions and other operations.
6. The user hereby acknowledges and agrees that you will undertake the accountability relating to any and all activities through the use of your account and accept any and all risks arising from any authorized or unauthorized access to the account to the fullest extent legally permissible.
7. The Site has the right to carry out “KYC” (Know Your Customer) verification procedures and access to your member account. In case you fail to complete the KYC verification procedures, the Site is entitled to terminate or close your account accordingly, or cancel any operations on your account without any responsibilities.
8. The Site will not receive or store account password and therefore may not be able to provide assistance for the user in searching any password. The user should fully commit the password to memory. Any user not setting an account password may not be able to access any digital currency relating to the member account.
9. In order to complete any and all proposed digital currency trades, such trade should be recognized and recorded on the public general ledger of the digital currency associated with the related digital currency network. Such network is decentralized and peer-to-peer network supported by the independent third parties, which is not owned, controlled or operated by the Site. Digital currency networks are operated by decentralized networks of independent third parties. The Site has no control over any digital currency network and therefore cannot and does not ensure that any trades details you submit via the membership services will be confirmed over the relevant digital currency network. You acknowledge and agree that the trades you submit via the membership services may not be completed, or may be substantially delayed, by the digital currency network used to process the trades.
10. Digital currency is an invisible digital asset and only exists by virtual of the record of ownership maintained in the digital currency network. The title transfer takes place on the decentralized ledger within the digital currency network rather than the scope of membership services of this Site. The Site does not guarantee that the membership service can affect the transfer of the title and other right in any digital currency.
11. When you require to transfer digital currency from your member account to other wallet address, the Site will review your request pursuant to the inner policy and regulatory requirements such as KYC. If such request is granted, it is allowed to transfer after deducting the relevant service fee.
12. The user agrees that the Site may not be able to assist you in cancelling or otherwise modifying your transaction details once such details are submitted via the membership service to a digital currency network. Neither can the Site control any such digital currency network, nor can it meet any request for cancellation or modification.
13. You will not earn any interest on digital currency in your member account and acknowledge that the Site is not a financial institution.